9 Travel Safety Tips You Must Follow

Follow our safety tips below and stay out of trouble while abroad!

  1. Be alert to your surroundings: Always, Always, Always. When you’re in an unfamiliar place be aware of the crowd around you. Try to blend in and if you must, put on your “Don’t fuck with me” face.
  2. Be discreet: Don’t be too flashy with jewelry, gadgets, smartphones and cash. Don’t provide an open invitation to get robbed. The same goes for clothing.
  3. Save documents and contacts in the cloud: Keep copies and even pictures of your passport, license, travel itinerary, emergency contacts and any other important documents in an online file storage site like iCloud and Dropbox. Save links for important websites (US Consulate, airlines) to a cloud-based note-taking service, like Evernote. Go a step further and download secure apps like LastPass or MSecure and record your credit card numbers. All of the above will come in handy when you’re out and about, in an emergency or if your phone or mobile devices are stolen. After all, you can always access cloud items on a desktop computer. Go the extra mile and email or provide copies of your passport and itinerary to your family. 

  4. Know basic customs, geography and language: Know how to say basic greetings like "hello," "please," "where is" and "thank you" in your travel destination. Familiarize yourself with cultural no-nos including inappropriate clothing. Know the general city layout. Just these basics alone could help significantly when you are communicating with locals or getting your bearings. If you do need directions at nighttime, avoid asking strangers (male OR female) and instead, enter a public space and ask employees, for e.g., a hotel concierge, a restaurant maître d' or gas station attendant.
  5. Keep a head count: If you’re going out for a night on the town with other girls or as part of a group, personally account or assign someone to account for everyone as you are leaving the venue.
  6. Know your transportation options: Familiarize yourself with what local registered taxis look like: Ask a hotel concierge for recommended car service providers, or use an app like Uber, Hail-O or Groundlink to get around. Avoid using public transport very late at night, and prepare in advance by downloading apps for major transport subways and underground systems.
  7. Trust your gut: If something doesn't feel right in a specific area, leave immediately.
  8. Get out: Know where the closest fire and emergency exits are located in hotels, crowded bars and venues.
  9. In case of emergency: Familiarize yourself with emergency phone numbers and the closest pharmacies, clinics and hospitals. Our City Guides can help.