Spotlight: Amsterdam
Canals, red lights, bikes and…the best Chinese food in Europe!


Despite its notoriety for being a hedonistic epicenter, Amsterdam is full of culture and history. The city is tolerant, its people eccentric and fun-loving, and its many winding streets, canals and waterways are brimming with things to do. Relax in Vondelpark with a book or share a blanket with friends. Take in some Post-Impessionist Art at the Van Gogh Museum or some Vermeers and Rembrandts at the Rijksmuseum. Visit the high fashion stores along the Hoofstraat. Amsterdam is also home to a substantial Chinese population, which explains the Buddhist temple (the largest in Europe) in the city’s Chinatown, on the Zeedijk and the Geldersekade. Make time to visit some of the delicious and surprisingly authentic restaurants in the area.

Must See Sight: Anne Frank House. To see where the Frank family and others hid during World War 2 is a necessary experience—nothing more frightening, humbling, and saddening. Buy your tickets online to avoid the queues. 

Diary of Anne Frank, at the Anne Frank Huis Museum

Diary of Anne Frank, at the Anne Frank Huis Museum

Predominant Language: Dutch, though everyone speaks English (and probably better than you!)

Most memorable experience: Watching snow falling from inside a reggae café on a cold, Valentine’s Day night with a best girlfriend, then satisfying some killer munchies at (what at-that-very-moment was) the best Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam’s Chinatown

Bikes & canals galore

Bikes & canals galore

Best places for a single girl or groups of girls to go out:  

Dinner & Drinks: MOMO
Conservatorium Hotel
Lion Noir
Harbour Club

Club Air
Jimmy Woo

Safety & Medical Tips: 

Walking alone and around at night:
Safety Scale - 1: 
Generally safe, however remain cautious to your surroundings

Medical Advice:
Popular over-the-counter drugs for cold/flu symptoms: 
Bisolvon Aleve Finimal Citrosan

Over-the-counter drugs available for curing women’s infections: 

Working ladies in the Red Light District

Working ladies in the Red Light District

Note: Each pharmacy (Apotheek) can offer several options for the needed care, but drugs dispensed depends on the pharmacy's flexibility for giving certain antibiotics (with or without the prescription)

Most pharmacies are open Monday to Friday 8:30-17:30 and some are open Saturday morning as well. Dutch pharmacies follow a rota system, which means that there is always one open out of hours (i.e. nights, weekends and public holidays).

To find an on-duty pharmacy dial 020 694 8709.

A list of 24-hour pharmacies is also displayed in chemist windows and in free local newspapers under Medical Assistance (Medische Diensten).

Women’s Helpline (09:00-23:00) Tel: +31 20 611 6020
Tourist Medical Service (ATAS) Tel: +31 20 592 3355
Central Dokterdienst Tel: +31 20 592 3434
Helpline for urgent medical advice. Open evenings, weekends and public holidays.

Note that those visiting emergency rooms or hospitals with non life-threatening emergencies and without doctor’s referrals may be turned away for treatment.

With contributions by Ronny Asscher-Magid.
Ronny currently lives in Amsterdam with her family.