Spotlight: Buenos Aires 
"The Paris of the South"


Buenos Aires has a soul that is lost somewhere between Europe and South America, as well as between the past and present. From this bewitching mix emerged the passionate dance of the tango, which has become an important part of Argentinean culture.  The true city that never sleeps, you will find a delicious restaurant or a sultry nightclub on just about every street corner.

Must See Sight 
La Recoleta Cemetery. This cemetery is famous because Evita and other important Argentines are buried there, however it is also a feast for the eyes due to the incredible architecture and elaborate tombs found throughout.  You can easily spend a day getting lost inside it.

Predominant Language
Castellano (a dialect of Spanish)

Most memorable experience
Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Puerto Madero by the river. Thousands of others had gathered to see the fireworks at midnight as well. The fireworks went on for at least 30 minutes and everyone was dancing and singing in the streets.

This is the city I will return to over and over again

Best places for a single girl or groups of girls to go out
Do not expect to start dinner before 10PM and most clubs do not even open their doors until 12AM.  The 2 hottest clubs at the moment are Asia de Cuba and Pacha.  A great pub that locals love and that usually has a live band playing is The Kilkenny’s


Safety & Medical Tips

Walking around and alone at night:

Safety Scale - 1: Generally safe, however be aware of your surroundings.

Buenos Aires is definitely one of the safest cities in South America.  However, like any big city, petty theft exists and has gone up over the years due to the economic situation. Thus, always make sure you are aware of your possessions.  Think and act smart and you will be fine.

Medical Advice:

Popular over-the-counter drugs for cold/flu symptoms

Most of the following medicines need to be requested at the pharmacists counter, as they are usually never stocked on the shelves.

 This is ibuprofen and homatropina, which helps with cramping spasms and period related symptoms.

ACTRON 600 or ACTRON 800: This is high dose ibuprofen in gel caps that helps with severe cramps and migraines.

Cold is "resfrio," which means stuffy nose and is often mistaken for allergies. If you have a common cold, go to the pharmacy and get UVA SAL C, which is like AlcaSeltzer Cold.  They also sell Vitamin C in tablets that you dissolve and drink in little tubes.  Stock up on your favorite cold medicines from home before you travel, especially since now they can be bought at a dollar store and are stronger.


Flu is “gripe.”  If you think you need antibiotics, AMOXOCILLIN is available in various doses without a prescription.

Allergies is "allergia," not to be confused with algeria or allegria. LORMEX ANTIALERGICO is made with loratidine and is effective in treating skin, nose and eye allergies. DICLOFENAC helps with stiff muscles or sports injuries and is also sold in creams. 

Over-the-counter drugs available for curing women’s yeast infections:

Since over-the-counter drugs for yeast infections do not exist in Buenos Aires, if you are prone to them,  make sure to bring either some Monistat or a prescription of Diflucan with you while traveling. There are creams for your "dias" or days, which typically translates to your period more than a yeast infection or UTI.  They will prescribe you CLOSTRIMASOL, which is the main ingredient for athlete's foot fungus and it does not work very well. 

Process to acquire birth control pills or locating a gynecologist:

Argentina is a very Catholic country and abortion is still illegal.  Make sure that you are already traveling with birth control pills before entering the country, as they will be extremely difficult to acquire once inside. Also, condoms are made differently and can cause allergic reactions for ultra-sensitive women. So if you have a favorite brand, bring those with you as well. If you bring Plan B with you make sure you remove it from its original packaging, since it too is illegal.

Contributed by Andi Perullo de Ledesma. All photos courtesy Andi Perullo de Ledesma. Andi writes the travel blog My Beautiful Adventures and can be found on Twitter and Facebook
"On a whim I took a trip to Buenos Aires 8 years ago.  It might have taken me 11 hours to fly there, but it took me less than 11 minutes to become completely enchanted with the city. Little did I know that not only would it mark the beginning of a love affair with a gorgeous man (whom I later married in Buenos Aires), but also with an extraordinary city.  Buenos Aires has enveloped me, held me, and let me move through her barrios as one of her own.  This is the city I will remember and return to over and over again."