Spotlight: Copenhagen
The Little Mermaid, cool design, and open-face sandwiches

Copenhagen fascinates even Danes themselves as a European Green Capital, combining centuries of culture with a sharp edge on new arts such as design, music, fashion and food. Walk or bicycle this low-rise Northern capital and enjoy the laid-back and friendly attitude of the Danish.


Must See Sight
Try the Canal Tours operating all year, 4-6 times each hour.

It starts from Nyhavn, the canal harbor in the center of Copenhagen. Bordering the canal are tons of restaurants and bars attracting a really diverse crowd—hang out for a drink and smørrebrød with shrimp, if you have time to spare. On the boat, you can bring your own food and drink; the slow-paced tour takes an hour and costs 70 Danish kroner. You get a really great feel for Copenhagen and Denmark. You see the sights but also where people live, including completely new Danish designed apartments on the harbor, 16th-century houses on cobblestoned roads flanking the canals, museums, the Opera, and more. It’s peaceful, informative and really exciting.

Predominant Language
Danish, but practically everyone speaks good English, and often also a bit of German and Swedish. And all are eager to help!



Most memorable experience
Free open-air opera: the Royal Danish Opera goes outside each summer in the August and offers free performances. I’ve been to the concerts in Søndermarken, where thousands bring gourmet picnic baskets, champagne, blankets and pillows and enjoy the opening season. Usually the audience joins in the final choruses at the close of the evening. Due to immense popularity, this event has moved to Fælledparken – and check out the music scene when you go. Other opera companies as well as the legendary Copenhagen Jazz Festival offer a wealth of absolutely free open-air concerts with renowned artists.

Best places for a single girl or groups of girls to go out

Shopping in fashionable Copenhagen is always a treat

Shopping in fashionable Copenhagen is always a treat

KBar, a renowned cocktail bar owned and run by Kirsten, is a brilliant and slightly exclusive place for single girls to enjoy the BEST cocktails and snacks. Often crowded, and it’ll be easy to find someone to talk to – or to be left alone, if you prefer.

The area around Kongens Nytorv has several restaurants and bars, Quote  and Fiat are popular places with outside seating, views of everyone as well as of the canals. Also try Café Victor  to join the well-to-do in-crowd, actually a very good restaurant turning into buzzing music bar at night. The entire area has restaurants, cafés, bars and discos, just walk around and take your pick.

Or try Park Café on Østerbrogade – daytime café, nighttime disco. Great & cool crowd, great music – and loads of intimate restaurants/cafés on Østerbrogade, if you want to start the evening somewhere else.

Safety & Medical Tips 

Bikes dominate the roads, as high car taxes dissuade auto ownership

Bikes dominate the roads, as high car taxes dissuade auto ownership

Walking alone and at night:
Safety Scale - 1: Generally safe, however remain cautious to your surroundings 

Copenhagen is generally very safe, even if you walk alone. Daytime, no worries anywhere. Evening and night, stay away from Nørrebro (some areas are sites of gang wars) and the end of Istedgade close to the Central Station (prostitution central). And surprisingly, don’t walk alone on the main shopping street Strøget during nighttime—you could easily get harassed.

Medical Advice
Popular over-the-counter drugs for cold/flu symptoms:  Most over-the counter drugs can be bought in supermarkets, Matas as well as in the pharmacy, called Apotek in Denmark. The pharmacy will be slightly cheaper and they are very eager to help you. Get Panodil Zapp (general relief for headache, fever, cold), Ipren (general relief as well, but especially good for menstrual pains and joint pains), Benadryl or Clarityn or Alnok as antihistamins, and Zymelin or Otrivin nosesprays for clogged-up airways.

Over-the-counter drugs available for curing women’s infections: Canesten is an efficient over-the-counter drug and comes as a cream. This is available only in pharmacies.

Process to acquire birth control pills: 
Birth control pills require a visit to a doctor, who will then write you a prescription to take to the pharmacy, where you pay immediately upon reception. It’s not a big deal, so simply book an appointment. Condoms are very widely available, are actually placed next to the candy on the shelves close to the cashier – you just grab them and pay.

Girls enjoying a day out

Girls enjoying a day out

For any emergency, you can contact ambulance, police or fire brigade by dialing 112.

Also look at the Danish Health Care Services' website for further details on the location of hospitals. Call them at +45 35 29 81 00.

Should you need to contact a doctor outside normal opening hours (i.e. from 16.00 - 08.00 during the week and all day on Saturdays and Sundays) please have a look at "Lægevagten" for the contact details of your nearest doctor on duty.

The municipalities of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Tårnby and Dragør:
Phone +45 70 13 00 41

The municipalities of Copenhagen (Region Hovedstaden), except the monicipalities of Tårnby and Dragør: Phone +45 44 53 44 00


Contributed by Hannah Lund

Hannah is a native of Denmark, lives in Copenhagen,
and as a Dane is still mesmerized by her city everyday!