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We support women who believe travel is essential to a well-rounded lifestyle and personality. Your safety is our priority. Check out the 9 Essential Travel Safety Tips You Must Follow.

You'll also notice in every City Guide the following Safety Scale: 
1 - Generally safe, however remain cautious to your surroundings
2 - Recommended that you walk in groups and/or are chaperoned
3 - Don't even think about it

Our community includes travel insights from expats, natives and city insiders. In addition to places, unique city and country perspectives, we aim to provide info for unforeseen medical and sticky situations while abroad.

As with any foreign travel experience, we stress common sense and caution when following any of the tips on this site. We strive for up-to-date and accurate information, however please exercise wise judgment prior to heeding our advice. When venturing out into unknown areas, ALWAYS be cautious and aware. 

Girl, Going Gone was created by Shindy Chen 
Shindy caught the international travel bug early on, when living abroad in France at 16. From there she has lived in Atlanta, London, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and New York City, and supports a digitally nomadic lifestyle.

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